All-In-One-Contact Center IP/PBX
Build loyalty by anticipating and yes, exceeding customer expectations

With Interactive Intelligence’s contact center enterprise software you can better anticipate and exceed customer expectations, all from one integrated and central system.

Manage all your communications from a single, integrated platform

Quovim C3 has partnered with Interactive Intelligence to provide you with a complete call center software solution that manages all your needs.

Interactive Intelligence’s Customer Interaction Center (CIC) module delivers everything required to improve communication and performance throughout your contact center operations.

One complete system enables you to deliver an exceptional experience to every customer you serve.

The Interactive Intelligence CIC platform includes:

Complete Contact
Center Software

With Interactive Intelligence’s “all-in-one” call center management system, you get a complete view and understanding of your contact center operations and overall business no matter which features you decide to deploy.


If the customer is king, then ensure that they can reach you any way they choose. Voice, Email, Chat, SMS, and social media must be a seamless option if you want to maintain repeat business and brand loyalty.


Simplify your campaign management with outbound and blended predictive dialing. Extended functionality also includes intelligent campaign staging, advanced call scripting, compliance options, and more.

Quality & Performance

Monitor and improve performance across all channels with a single system for monitoring and improving employee performance, no matter where they work or how they interact with customers.

From voice and screen recordings to speech and real-time analytics, transform the way you manage your contact center operations.


The ability to forecast and schedule agents with ease is critical to improving productivity and gaining a complete understanding of the workforce. Intraday monitoring, reforecasting and real-time adherence to schedules can all be monitored to ensure your operations run smoothly.

Business ProcessAutomation

Streamline complex enterprise business processes by applying proven communications technologies to capture, prioritize, route, escalate, track, and manage processes through the entire lifecycle.

Seamless Communication across all channels is just a click away!

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