Access to your data has never been easier. Our Excel-based financial business intelligence software makes reporting a breeze.

You know and love using Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet industry standard. VCube was intentionally designed using Excel as its front-end interface connected to a comprehensive business intelligence back-end. Leverage existing skills to quickly become an efficient user.

Quick and Easy Reports

With vCube, managers and financial professionals can quickly generate reports directly in Excel. Save time, effort and needless expense on cumbersome reporting tools when vCube provides an intuitive but powerful approach to report generation.

All the features and functionalities of Microsoft Excel – the software application you already know and love – but connected to your source data so you can quickly and easily generate financial reports.

Analyze Data to Make Better Decisions

vCube enables financial analysts to benefit from sophisticated analytical functionalities.

Analyze data from all perspectives to gain a better understanding of operations - breakdown data by customer, product, cost center, price, sales region, etc. Use what-if analysis to understand the impact of proposed changes and use data to make better decision-making.

Improved Budgeting and Forecasting Processes

Save valuable time in planning, budgeting and forecasting when you can easily access all required data from Excel.

Perform short-term and risk analysis, forecast the week, next month and make quick decisions that serve to improve the customer experience, and overall profitability.

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