Experience Matters. Quovim C3 has the industry knowledge and experience to manage, support and guide your contact center operations.

A Canadian leader in Contact Center Management technologies and services, Quovim C3 has the industry knowledge to propose the best solution

With 20+ years of combined experience, our contact center experts have crafted their knowledge and expertise in a broad range of industries. Having worked with customer-driven organizations with contact, distribution or service centres, Quovim C3 brings a fresh perspective to a wide range of industries.

We leverage our knowledge of best practises with industry-leading call center management applications to provides organizations with complete software and consulting solutions that improve operations.

Retail/Distribution Call Center Solutions

With the guided assistance of Quovim C3 , retail and distribution companies benefit from integrated contact and service center solutions that provide greater insight into every customer interaction.


Insurance Call Center Solutions

With so many competing companies to deal with, providing a positive customer experience is critical in maintaining a long-term, fruitful relationship.

Be more efficient and improve the customer experience. Integration to policy and claim administration systems is seamless, and new business and claim processing can be handled on a single platform to connect offices, agents, adjusters, third parties, and policyholders.

Utilities Call Center Solutions

Quovim C3 has helped utilities companies streamline their processes, maximize operational efficiency and ensure compliance with strict policies and procedures. An increasingly competitive industry faced with tightening budgets, companies are being asked to maximize their operations and reduce costs.

By providing a complete call center solution that engages customers with timely notifications via chat, SMS, inbound calls and social media, the utility company can easily and efficiently manage outages and peak periods. Clients can select self-service options that increase customer satisfaction and decrease costs.


Contact Center Solutions (Outsourcer)

Whether your contact center is inbound customer care, telemarketing, collections, or fundraising, Quovim C3 can transform the way you interact with your clients. With a Unified Communications or Cross Channel Communications solution, you provide your customers with the option of how they wish to connect with you.

Route calls, handle web chats, SMS, email, social media and more – all while using skills-based routing to match each customer’s unique need with the best possible agent.


Hospitality/Travel Call Center Solutions

Never has the hospitality and travel industry seen such a boom in demand – and competition. With the critical need to integrate phone, web, chat, SMS and social media – to name a few – to its portfolio of client options, Quovim C3 can propose a complete Cross Channel Communications solution that addresses internal requirements and serves to enhance the customer experience.