Message Insertion Points. Add the Quovim C3 Call Flow Messaging app to your PureConnect platform to instantly add or remove IVR messages, exactly when and where you need them

We make PureConnect better
Get the information your customers need, easier and faster!

Bypass PureConnect limitations with the Quovim C3 call flow messaging solution that allows you to quickly record, enable and disable messages whenever required, eliminate reliance on IT and support, while maximizing the customer experience.

Dynamic Call Flow Messaging

An add-on to Genesys PureConnect (formerly Interactive Intelligence CIC), the Quovim C3 Dynamic Call Flow Messaging add-on, “MIP” as we fondly refer to it, allows contact centers to dynamically and instantly mange IVR messages. What can take over two hours of resource time investment from IT, support and other critical resources, can be quickly done in less than five minutes. Five minutes!

Reacting to power outages, service slowdowns, last-minute promotions and time-sensitive messages can cause havoc on daily operations, due to limitations within PureConnect that impede response times. Created and developed by Quovim C3, MIP allows contact centers to create, add, remove and manage IVR messages on the fly, as needed, to respond to an evolving environment. Key messages and announcements can be placed anywhere in the IVR menu, activated and deactivated at will, in the language of choice.

With MIP you can:

  • Create up to 500 messages on the fly
  • Manage messages by email or through the IVR
  • Record live messages directly in the app or use
    pre-recorded messages
  • Record, enable disable messages with no external
    resource commitment
  • Identify, listen and manage messages all in the app
  • Create messages in three languages
  • Securely manage email segments

Enhance your PureConnect solution and get the information
your customers need, lightning fast. We make PureConnect even better!

Maximize Resource Utilization and Productivity

Quovim C3 can transform your customer interactions with the "MIP" Dynamic Call Flow Messaging
add-on seamlessly integrated to PureConnect