Quovim C3 signs multiple support agreements with U.S. contact centers

Quovim C3 signs multiple support agreements with U.S. contact centers

Mar 28, 2017

New client acquisitions across North America signals significant growth opportunities for solutions provider

MONTREAL, March 28, 2017 – Quovim C3, a provider of Contact Center and Unified Communications solutions and consulting services, today announces multiple U.S. client agreements as the company benefits from increased North American demand for their contact center software and specialized consulting services. The Montreal-based company has seen tremendous growth south of the border with U.S. companies looking to optimize their customer contact operations.


  • Following the SatCom Marketing announcement made in May of last year, Quovim C3 has worked on dozens of new opportunities, of which three mid-to-large sized organizations from a diverse set of industries, have already signed. Geographically dispersed across the U.S., these companies all manage contact center operations using PureConnect*, an all-in-one customer engagement offering from Genesys®, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions.
  • Cornerstone United (North Carolina), Aiphone (Washington) and EPIQ Systems (Oregon) are three prime examples of companies who selected to move their PureConnect support operations to Quovim C3. Focused on building strong customer relationships, these companies turned to Quovim C3 to help support their contact center operations, provide strategic guidance that accelerates growth and provide added-value products and services that allow them to maximize use of their systems.
  • Quovim C3 sees this growth as an emerging trend in the marketplace as customer-minded companies actively seek to partner with an experienced solutions provider willing to invest time and effort to understand their operations, and will act as an extension of their business. They recognize that sophisticated technologies need to be supported by a solutions expert who can help them derive maximum value.
  • All companies site Quovim C3’s personalized care and consultative approach as the basis for selecting them over other providers, with location never factoring into the decision.
  • These client-partner acquisitions are part of Quovim C3’s long-term growth strategy focused on demonstrating the company’s unique approach to the U.S. market where the cross section between technology and the customer experience has become critical.
  • To accommodate growth, Quovim C3 has moved its headquarters to a larger, modern environment that will facilitate current and future expansion.

*PureConnect is powered by Customer Interaction Center (CIC), formerly offered by Interactive Intelligence, which was acquired by Genesys Dec. 1, 2016.



Joe Bigio, Co-Founder & Executive Vice-President, Quovim C3

“Over the past year, we have seen accelerated growth and interest for our Quovim C3 solutions and services across North America, with particular concentration in the U.S. Being a local service provider is no longer seen as a core benefit. In fact, businesses today seek the best provider capable of delivering a more personalized, consultative approach regardless of where they are located. We help organizations gain efficiencies by optimizing use of their systems, so they can in turn, create powerful and meaningful interactions.”

Francis Hawthorne, Director Operations, Epiq | Class Action & Mass Tort Solutions

“With a style and approach that we found refreshingly unique, we selected Quovim C3 because we want to work with progressive, service-minded Genesys experts that understand our overlying needs today and into the future. With an experienced, responsive team that has in-depth knowledge of how we use PureConnect to drive our operations, understands our key pain points and can proactively propose cost-effective solutions, my team can remain focused on what they do best.”


ABOUT Quovim C3

Quovim C3 provides complete contact center solutions, support and personalized consulting services that enable organizations to optimize client communications. A Genesys Gold Partner, Quovim C3 delivers custom solutions and expert guidance throughout the business planning and implementation process. Organizations with service, distribution and retail centers benefit from greater clarity in their operations that generate cost-savings and strengthen customer relationships. Quovim C3 transforms customer interactions into long-term profitable relationships. For more information, please visit http://www.quovimc3.com/.



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