Alain LeBrasseur’s FIVE FABULOUS YEARS with Quovim C3

Alain LeBrasseur’s FIVE FABULOUS YEARS with Quovim C3

Aug 21, 2020


Alain LeBrasseur Celebrates Five Fabulous Years!

A consummate professional that is celebrated by both colleagues and clients alike, Alain LeBrasseur is the guy you can turn to whenever you need guided assistance on your next project, require unique understanding of complex or challenging environments, or need an innovative approach to solve a complicated problem. Alain is our guy! And he does it all with his trademark calm, quiet and remarkably unflappable demeanour.



As an Interactive Intelligence (now Genesys) alumni, Alain knows the ins and outs of contact centers and is well skilled at translating his unique knowledge into actionable solutions that solve even the most challenging issues. He’s also our resident “Mr. Gadget” testing the latest and greatest tools, and he’s always thinking of new ways to make things better.

To mark this special anniversary and to highlight his achievements, Alain has been promoted to Manager of our Products Division. Alain will now be responsible for all our QC3 iNFiNiTi add-on solutions, in addition to all the exciting and innovative solutions currently underway.

Watch out – he’s cooking up some novel solutions that we’re super excited to share with you soon.


Thank you, Alain!


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