Forecast, plan and schedule in real-time to ensure agent engagement and productivity

Deliver an exceptional customer experience at the lowest cost, with the right agent, expertise, at the right time, across all channels and shifts

A Global Leader in Workforce Management

As the global leader in workforce management, Aspect Workforce Management is an intuitive, easy-to-use forecasting, planning, scheduling, employee self-service and real-time management tool that ensures agent and supervisor productivity and engagement. With accurate volume forecasting across all customer interaction channels (voice, multi-session chat, email, social media) and feature rich, flexible staff scheduling, this award winning WFM platform is also the preferred WFM platform for call centers.

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You Choose: Hosted, Cloud or On-Premise
Get ready to compete in the omnichannel marketplace with Aspect Workforce Management

Modern, Graphical User Interface

Simplified, web-based, graphical user interface increases agent and supervisor productivity, even for complex schedule trades or sequential shift bids

Multi-Channel Performance

Optimally blend staff across all channels, including inbound/outbound voice, email, webchat, SMS, IM and social media

Multi-Skill Back Office Support

Apply workforce management best practices to the back office and blend back office labor with front office labor

Forecasting Accuracy

Unparalleled forecasting accuracy with multiple forecasting algorithms, variable historical pattern weights and accurate intra-day shrinkage

Business Planning

Perform unlimited “what-if” scenarios with customizable views of key business information (agent productivity, intra-day performance data, staff shrinkage, etc.)

Schedule Optimization

Optimize schedules based on business needs, employee preferences, or a mix

Schedule Validation

Create and test limitless trial schedules that optimize business needs and resources

Real-Time Adherence Monitoring

Real-time views that automatically identify noncompliance, even within the largest contact center environments

Employee Self-Service Empowers Agents

Browser-based self-service scheduling with new trade and request rules provides scheduling flexibility and minimizes administrative overhead

Pick and Choose Your Modules To Complete Your Solution Package

WFM – Just one piece of the Aspect suite of workforce optimization applications

Improve back office productivity and optimally staff agents across all contact center channels, while maximizing occupancy and minimizing over/under agent utilization with Aspect Workforce Management.

Find out how we can implement, optimize and support your workforce management solution. Working alongside our SSA Solutions Workforce Management division, gain from 20 years of WFM expertise.

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Manage, forecast and schedule your workforce with Aspect Workforce Management