Proactive Customer Contact Improves Customer
Satisfaction and Boosts Revenues

Call Back Customers, Cold-Call Prospects and Make Proactive Calls

A comprehensive multi-site campaign management predictive dialer system, PureConnect Interaction Dialer is ideal for outbound and blended predictive dialing and simplified campaign management. It extends functionality for intelligent campaign staging, advanced call scripting, compliance options, and more. Interaction Dialer delivers power for intelligent dialing plans of all kinds, in virtually any outbound environment - contact centers, outsourcers, collections. Leverage customer and product information by reaching out to customers with personalized service messages and sales offers to strengthen and improve revenues..


The real advantage of Interaction Dialer and CIC is the power it delivers for virtually any outbound environment — contact centers, outsourcers, collections — and for predictive dialing scenarios of all kinds.

Comply to State and Federal Laws

Comply with rules and regulations pertaining to outbound outreach, regardless of industry. This includes state and national Do Not Call (DNC) scrubbing, where numbers can be checked against a third-party database prior to dialing and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) safe harbor call logging, caller ID, and minimum connect times.


Proactive Customer Calling Campaigns

Find customer interactions based on any available information, including speech analytics and customer feedback information. Speech analytics and customer feedback results provide deep insights to ensure the best customer interactions are selected.

Call Blending

Call blending combines outbound and inbound call activities, optimizing agent utilization.

Seamless Communication across all channels is just a click away!

Find out how Quovim C3 Cross Channel Communications solutions
can transform your customer interactions.

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