Chat Before You Bot Video Interview with Quovim C3 EVP

Chat Before You Bot Video Interview with Quovim C3 EVP

Feb 10, 2020


We’ve partnered with CCNG, a community for contact center and customer experience professionals, for a one-to-one video interview featuring our Co-Founder and EVP, Joe Bigio with CCNG’s David Hadobas.

Contact centers can sometimes get caught up with the newest or trendiest tools, without having a clear strategy or understanding of customer needs. Listen in as Joe outlines best practices when considering the adoption of new channels or technologies.

Before jumping to a chatbot, have they mastered chat?

Joe proposes taking a step back to define customer needs and business requirements, and then selecting the digital transformation tools that best align with objectives.

Chat Before You Bot: Align Requirements for Digital Transformation Success featured on the BrightTalk network:


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