Take the guesswork out of scheduling - forecast and schedule agents with ease!

Work smarter, not harder with Genesys Workforce Optimization (Interaction Optimizer)

Interaction Optimizer, part of the Genesys Interactive Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite, seamlessly integrates with PureConnect for a quick deployment. With up-to-date information on agent availability, skillsets and routing rules, you can easily simplify multichannel contact center forecasting and agent scheduling.

Strategic Planning & What-If-Analysis

Recordings can be leveraged for compliance and quality monitoring efforts which extends the value obtained from capturing multichannel customer interactions. Recordings can also help resolve customer disputes, supplement new employee training programs with easily distributed interaction recordings, emphasize best practices for even the most experienced users and determine where processes may need to be updated or revised for better employee and customer efficiencies.


Long-Term Forecasting

Automatically use historical data to make forecasting a seamless, accurate process. Anticipate interaction volumes for phone, email, web chat, and other contact channels. Determine optimal headcount needed to meet service level or ASA goals.


Create agent schedules that accommodate vacation time, preferences, schedule changes and variances, labor/union laws, employee availability and skill matching. Simplify the scheduling process, and easily identify shortages and overages in demand. Improve agent and planning staff satisfaction with scheduling flexibility.

Real-Time Management

Monitor agents’ adherence to the schedule continuously throughout the workday. Automatically alert supervisors when their attention is needed. Monitor live interactions to find out why agents are not keeping to their schedules.

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