Genesys launches new chat features for improved customer engagement

Genesys launches new chat features for improved customer engagement

Aug 06, 2020

A lot has changed during this worldwide pandemic. As we navigate through a new normal that includes face masks, social distancing and work from home measures, customer communication has never been more important. With call centers reporting increased volume, adding strain to an already stressful period, companies must have self-service and multi-channel solutions to address the growing demand.

To alleviate the strain, companies are turning to web chat technologies to move customers away from live agent interactions facilitating easier and faster client resolutions. Live chat transforms a webpage into a real-time conversation starter, Q&A session and promotes proactive engagement and prolonged satisfaction.

In our on-going #QC3Stories series, contact center solution experts Matt Morrison and Joe Bigio discuss the new and greatly improved Genesys chat features that include a modern, intuitive chat interface that delivers seamless communication with your call center.

Listen in as they highlight the recent Genesys chat improvements that deliver a better customer experience, but that also adheres to company branding.

As a bonus, Matt and Joe also discuss Windows security, WebRTC and what it takes to get ready for the cloud.

Quovim C3 is a certified Genesys Partner. To review your live chat strategy, contact our contact center solution team today!


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