Experience Matters. Quovim C3 has the industry knowledge and experience to manage, support and guide your contact center operations.

A Canadian leader in Contact Center Management technologies and services, Quovim C3 has the industry knowledge to propose the best solution

With 20+ years of combined experience, our contact center experts have crafted their knowledge and expertise in a broad range of industries. Having worked with customer-driven organizations with contact, distribution or service centres, Quovim C3 brings a fresh perspective to a wide range of industries.

We leverage our knowledge of best practises with industry-leading call center management applications to provides organizations with complete software and consulting solutions that improve operations.

Retail/Distribution Call Center Solutions

In a highly competitive market, it is essential to provide a favorable customer experience. Regardless of how policyholders prefer to communicate with you, Quovim C3 can help you put in place an inter-channel communications strategy that transparently manages all interactions. Integration with insurance and claims management systems is seamless, and new business and claims can be handled in a single platform connecting offices, agents, adjusters , third parties and policyholders.

Insurance Call Center Solutions

With so many competing companies to deal with, providing a positive customer experience is critical in maintaining a long-term, fruitful relationship.

Be more efficient and improve the customer experience. Integration to policy and claim administration systems is seamless, and new business and claim processing can be handled on a single platform to connect offices, agents, adjusters, third parties, and policyholders.

Utilities Call Center Solutions

Quovim C3 has helped utilities streamline their processes, maximize operational efficiencies, and enforce rigorous policies and procedures. Operating in an increasingly competitive industry with tight budgets, companies need to optimize their operations and reduce costs. With an integrated customer contact center solution that catches customers' attention with timely notification via chat, text messaging, incoming calls and social media utility company is able to easily and efficiently manage peak and peak periods.

Contact Center Solutions (Outsourcer)

Whether your customer contact center is an in-house customer support, telemarketing, collections or fundraising service, Quovim can transform the way you interact with your customers. Using a unified or cross-channel communications solution, you can give your customers the ability to communicate with you the way they want. Manage communications by phone, chat, text messaging, email, social media, and so on-all through skill-based routing to match the client's particular demand with the best-matched agent to answer it.

Hospitality/Travel Call Center Solutions

The hospitality and travel sectors have experienced an explosion of demand - and competition. Given the critical need to integrate telephony, web, chat, text messaging, and social media - just to name a few - of the options available to customers, Quovim C3 can offer a inter-channel communications that addresses the internal needs of the business and helps improve the customer experience.