Call Center Audit, it’s a health check for your call center – no need to open up and say AH!

Call Center Audit, it’s a health check for your call center – no need to open up and say AH!

Oct 07, 2020


Unless you’re an insider, most people don’t know what a call center is or does. Images of rows and rows of headset-wearing, smiling clones in far away locations disrupting your evening meal, is what the average person thinks a call center is. But really, any customer facing company with a high volume of interactions has a call center. Think of your insurance company, your local or national retailer, hotel reservations company, just about any time you’ve called or web chatted with a company, you’ve likely interacted with a call center.


A call center is your company’s direct lifeline to your customers, operating one-to-one, in real-time with individual people. Each interaction is a direct reflect on your company, resulting in either a positive or negative experience with serious consequences, either way. This continuous interaction requires that companies maintain high standards of performance, quality and overall efficiencies.


To ensure that metrics such as productivity and performance are being met, it is critical to conduct regular and periodic call center audits, as it can identify factors that impede key metric efficiencies. Simple enough, right?


Not so much.


With an unlimited amount of measurable performance, productivity, and customer satisfaction criteria contained within a highly personalized environment, add to that, an ever-evolving and fast-paced ecosystem… who has the time, resources or will to successfully conduct an audit?


Goals of a Call Center Audit

An audit gives you a 360-degree view of your call center. Depending on the depth and breath, an audit allows you to discover process flaws or unexpected outcomes, uncover gaps in agent and call center performance, and provide ways to optimally use technologies. The audit itself, provides the necessary data to then take corresponding actions to optimize operations and correct these gaps.


With new technologies and best practices continuously evolving at rapid speed, there’s often no time to accurately assess them. A call center audit can be used as a baseline to understand your current environment, versus your future goals and objectives, and serves as the first step towards building a business case for potential migrations and/or solution acquisitions.


So, an audit should be seen as a discovery phase and not a solution or cure for what may ail your call center.


What Exactly is a Call Center Audit



We like to say that an audit is a health check for your call center. Just like you should get an annual physical, or regular dental examinations, your contact center also needs regular and methodical assessments that pinpoint weaknesses, gain insights and identify areas for improvement that can lead to critical improvements.


A properly executed audit will also generate benchmarks that can be used against industry best practices to further propel your operations.


The end result of an audit, is an audit report. This report can be seen as a roadmap that outlines opportunities for improvement. Depending on the type, it can include measurements against best practices, a GAP analysis and comprehensive recommendations.


The A to Z of Call Center Audits

1. The Specific Audit

It really all depends on your requirements and exact needs. Most often, a call center will have a specific pain point that they wish to address, such as poor agent productivity or lapsing customer experience scores. Specific audits can be conducted to address key pain points as identified by the call center, but often a contact center audit is required when:


  • Experiencing a new challenge
  • Need help to plan for the long-term
  • Implementing new business initiatives or call center solutions
  • Using technology and tools to max potential
  • Performance improvement is required
  • Need to identify new opportunities
  • Inability to properly identify and manage metrics
  • Poor CSAT scores
  • Need to map the complete customer journey or customer management cycle
  • Excessively high operation costs
  • Need to implement reporting and management dashboards
  • Identify workforce management and workforce optimization needs 
  • Require assistance with current and future planning needs
  • HR related needs associated with hiring, capacity planning, employee satisfaction
  • Need to increase revenue opportunities and reduce costs
  • Opportunities to improve quality and compliance
  • Identify risk factors

Of course, there are many more audit types that can be customized to your precise needs that focus on a single factor or department.


2. The Annual and General Audit

Frequently overlooked, is a yearly global audit that analyzes and evaluates key business and value drivers against best practices (current technologies, service metrics, agent performance, quality, productivity and dozens more KPIs). This yearly “health check” is an in-depth analysis that encompasses and takes into consideration all aspects of the company including goals and strategies, in order to accurately evaluate the entirety of call center operations.


A general audit will help you answer the following questions:

  • How are we doing? 
  • Can we meet our objectives?
  • Where can we improve?


It’s also important to conduct a global audit on a yearly basis to uncover potential opportunities for improvement and growth that evolve over time. It’s like being in the driver’s seat actively seeking opportunities versus continuously playing catch-up in the dark.

The great thing about a recurrent health check, is that it allows you to compare the audit report from year-to-year. You’ll then be able to quantify your progress and see the real impacts of the management decisions that were made throughout the year.


Now what? Evaluating your findings and recommendations

So, you’ve gone through the audit process and have accumulated a series of findings.  These finds should translate into realistic recommendations with measurable outcomes and actionable solutions with attainable goals that serve to eliminate identified pain points, gaps and weaknesses – contributing to the overall success of your contact center operations.


A good audit report should be seen as a catalysis for improvement, otherwise, it’s just another document to be stored away, never to be seen again. Why bother, right?!


Call in the Contact Center Pros!

If the mere thought of an audit fills you with a sense of overwhelming dread, then it’s time to call in the pros. Experienced contact center solution experts are neutral, third parties that provide a more subjective review and analysis of your metrics, and have considerable experience working with a vast array of call centers and industries, with the ability to implement best practices.


Is your call center operating at max capacity with all cylinders spinning? Um, without an audit, you just don’t know! 😊 Connect with our audit team for a packaged or personalized audit that will deliver tangible recommendations and highlight areas for optimization. We’ve helped companies optimize their potential and refocus their efforts.

Learn more: Get a 360-degree view of your operations. Book your packaged or custom call center audit.




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