LIVE WEBINAR: Convert your Performance Metrics into Fun Metrics

LIVE WEBINAR: Convert your Performance Metrics into Fun Metrics

May 07, 2019







Thursday, May 30 at 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST



Get the inside scoop on how to automate and align your KPIs with agent performance, boosting their engagement and motivation through employee engagement solutions. Join Quovim C3 and partner, nGUVU for a 2-in-1 LIVE WEBINAR for a 2-in-1 exploration on how to convert performance metrics into fun metrics, that motive, inspire and delight your Millennial and Gen Z agents.


Learn how contact center solution and service provider, Quovim C3 can automate and align your employee performance processes and identify key metrics to ensure that agents deliver a superior customer experience that translates into increased sales.



Now, how do you maximize agent engagement? nGUVU’s employee engagement platform, nGAGEMENT inspires agents to achieve their objectives through an immersive, game-like environment that leverages competition, collaboration, achievement and recognition.


BOOST Agent Performance and Align KPIs

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