On-Premise or in the Cloud? What’s best for your contact center?

On-Premise or in the Cloud? What’s best for your contact center?

Jan 21, 2020


Which camp are you in?

It seems everyone is thinking and talking cloud.

Up and coming call centers tend to choose cloud solutions as an easy, cost-effective and quick way to start their operations.

But just how many established contact centers are ready (or even want) to transition their current operations to the cloud?

With more and more leading contact center solution providers emphasizing their cloud-based platforms over their on-prem solutions, contact center organizations and IT departments have lots to think about.


Let’s be clear. There’s no right or wrong answer.

Every call center, every organization has unique needs and requirements that impact this decision. And there are obviously pros and cons to both platforms, with the ultimate decision based on current and future requirements.

Regardless of what is new or trendy, in the end, some of the main decision factors are often centered around speed of implementation, security, upfront and on-going costs, and ease of scalability.

To help you navigate, we created an easy to read infographic that takes some of the key considerations into account.


So what do you think?

Is your contact center thinking of moving to the cloud? And if so, what are the key reasons why, or why not?


If you’re looking to move to the cloud, need an assessment to determine your options, or need help managing and supporting your on-prem Genesys PureConnect solution, we can help!


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