Oct 23, 2020


Last month we sponsored ACE 2020, Aspect’s Virtual Customer Experience conference. With all in-person events going virtual, they pulled off an incredible gathering with on-demand videos, interactive roundtable sessions, live presentations and focused groups that delivered an insider’s look at the contact center industry.


The event delivered many memorable moments and valuable insights. Here are some of the industry insights, we’d like to share with you:


Key Contact Center Goals Driving Organizations Today



In an interesting study conducted and presented by Aberdeen, they outlined some of the key goals driving contact centers today:


1. Improve the customer experience

2. Improve brand loyalty

3. Improve issue resolution while minimizing customer effort

4. Improve revenue with cross/up-selling

5. Reduce operating costs


Are you experiencing the same issues, or has the pandemic shifted your focus? From our experience, these goals are timeless, yet have taken greater urgency with a greater reliance placed on the call center, thanks to world-wide social distancing measures.


Many of these goals can be accomplished through the use of contact center solution features and applications, such as self-service, speech analytics, desktop analytics and a host of other innovative technologies. What’s important, is to determine cost vs benefit, and then prioritize technology investments accordingly.


Whatever the solution outcome, technology must be aligned with business processes and leveraged across departments to not only enjoy synergies, but to also maximize results.


Designing Solutions And Services With A Customer Lifetime Loyalty Mindset



Most interesting of all, came from Aspect CEO, Patrick Dennis. His opening keynote address set the stage for the sessions to come, but truly highlighted the current state of the call center industry during the pandemic.


Siting a Lifetime Customer Loyalty, Customer Index survey with over 1100 participants, here are are some of the main outcomes:


1.  QUICK AND EFFICIENT ISSUE RESOLUTION leads to customer loyalty with 60% of customers increasing their business when they experience good customer service.


2.  Majority of customers would now CHOOSE A LIVE AGENT OVER SELF-SERVICE, and tend to use self-service mainly for texting and simple tasks. In 2020, there’s been a 10% increase in voice channels, as customers want to speak with a live human. This shift back to voice interactions has caught many call centers off guard.


3.  This one seems like a no-brainer, but let’s put it in writing: CUSTOMERS PREFER TO INTERACT WITH HAPPY AGENTS! Seems obvious, but call center organizations need to ensure that they employ and maintain happy agents.


4.  Having DIVERSIFIED CHANNELS TO REACH YOUR CUSTOMERS IS KEY, but also knowing which to use and when, is also just as important. Overwhelmingly, customers prefer outbound communications to be done by… email! This poses a challenge as most emails are never opened. Better messaging and using all your channels in the best manner, is the real key.


With the world adapting to work from home, social distancing and virtual connections, now more than ever, customers not only crave, but demand lasting relationships. Think about it. Would you remain loyal to a company that burned you when you most needed them? Or would you forever remain loyal to a company that helped you through the crisis?


Live is best, but don’t forget self-service


To recap, 2020 has changed the call center landscape with customers preferring live agent connections resulting in increased calls, but still want to use text and other mediums for self-service of smaller tasks.


And did we mention how much we loved our in-person care package! How nice to get a personalized conference package that included some yummy snacks that definitely added to the on-demand experience.



Thanks Aspect! 🥳 🙏 🥰


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