Overcoming your most common recruitment challenges: A guide for recruiters and human resource teams

Overcoming your most common recruitment challenges: A guide for recruiters and human resource teams

Oct 14, 2020


During this global pandemic, the HR department has had a lot to deal with. The switch to remote staffing, mental health challenges and the multitude of uncertainties added to an already stressful environment. 


And then there’s the challenge of recruiting candidates in highly niched sectors that require unique qualifications for positions that impact operations – in a time when there’s intense international competition for high-quality resources.


And did we mention the pandemic in all of this?


Attracting and Engaging Qualified Candidates



Companies looking to attract IT resources with specific software certifications, accreditations and work experiences use their HR departments and outside recruiters to post jobs on job sites, use social media to expand candidate reach and target passive candidates as a way to engage and attract qualified candidates. Drawing from internal resources and referrals is another path often used.


This time-consuming and often pricey process is exasperated by a narrow talent pool that is likely approached by recruiters on a regular basis. Just think of your LinkedIn inbox and how many times you’ve been approach by recruiters in an effort to explore new job opportunities. Depending on your skills and expertise, your inbox can become a who’s who of recruiters.


To attract and engage qualified candidates, you need a comprehensive HR strategy that promotes a strong company brand, proactively builds talent pools and expands your reach by continuously targeting passive candidates and attracting qualified job candidates. And even then, hard to find candidates will need a strong and persuading reason to leave their current employment or choose your offer over your competitors.


Sourcing Qualified Resources Through Optimized Outsourcing 



Don’t have a recruitment-focused HR strategy in place? 

Struggling to find quality resources? 


Give yourself and your team, a break. The truth is MOST companies struggle to fill those in-demand technical or overly specific positions. Some may decide to either hire inexperienced resources hoping to build and invest in their learning over time, with the hope that they can fill future positions while overburdening staff in the short-term. But if you have a time-sensitive, immediate need for a specific resource, you do have another viable option.


Companies often turn to a trusted, partner or third-party with the available internal resources, qualifications and experiences to outsource their time and knowledge. Whether you decide on a pure outsourcing (can involve a range of operations or a specific function) or staff augmentation (the use of experienced external resources to temporarily augment your capacity) model, you can find a quick and highly effective solution to your recruiting challenges.


Keep Pace with your Business Needs Through Staff Augmentation 


Staff augmentation is actually incredibly common within the software and IT world. That’s because they require specific resources to complete time and budget sensitive projects. While many IT and service partners can deliver projects, they generally can also provide resources for staff augmentation to fill positions for temporary or contract periods.  They can also be used as a bridge as you work toward developing your own internal talent.


In our world, we’re high regarded as a contact center systems integrator and elite professional services organization. Our primary goal is to provide solutions that enable companies to meet their customer experience objectives. As a certified Genesys and Aspect partner with 20+ years of experience, we’re well versed on the Genesys solutions suite, in addition to workforce management and workforce optimization. But over the years, we’ve also provided our clients with staff augmentation when they require very specific expertise and certifications to supplement their team or fill key positions. 


It’s a fulfilling experience to extend our client partnerships, helping them succeed in a moment where they required the knowledge and experience of our internal resources. Our clients have also benefited from having access to the entire Quovim C3 network realizing solutions and opportunities that would not have been possible, had they elected to onboard a full-time employee.


Things to Consider when Supplementing your Team Through Staff Augmentation



1. No requirements for health insurance or employee benefits. The resource works for you, but is managed and supported by an external company.

2. Gain their accumulated knowledge, accreditations, and certifications without the investment.

3. Use specific skills to support a project, instead of hiring for a job function.

4. Kick-start your project with little downtime, quickly understanding your project and goals.

5. Increase and decrease “workforce on-demand” is especially important during the pandemic, where the impact on the economy, your industry and company is unknown.

6. Gain access to not just that one resource, but to the entire company that may assist in solution solving, resulting in additional cost savings.


So, the next time you’re faced with a challenging set of skills, consider speaking with your solution and service partner. Like us, they may be able to help bridge the gap with an experienced resource. Drop me a note and we can discuss your staff augmentation needs. We’re here to help!




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