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Strengthening Customer Relationships through Expert Contact Center Consulting

Get a 360-degree view of your operations.
Book your packaged or custom call center audit.

Uncover gaps in call center performance, pinpoint weaknesses, discover new opportunities, gain valuable insight, optimize operations, and identify areas for improvement.

How’s your call center doing? Without conducting regular, systematic audits, there’s no way to know! Gain detailed recommendations through a methodological analysis of your metrics, acting as your personalized blueprint towards operational excellence.

Get a yearly “health check” for a global audit of your call center performance or address specific pain points. Generate benchmarks that can be used against industry best practices to further propel your operations.

WFM & Capacity Planning

Quality & Recording

Performance & Productivity

KPIs & Dashboards

Customer & Employee Satisfaction


Customer Journey & Omnichannel

Processes & Tools

Technology & Cloud Integrations

Founded by acclaimed contact center professionals, Quovim C3 provides Cross-Channel
Communications solutions to organizations looking to optimize their contact, distribution and service centres.
With implementations across Canada, Quovim C3 is a trusted call center partner that delivers exceptional customer experiences.

With more than 20 years of call center consulting experience,
Quovim C3 is your trusted partner.

Expert Contact Center Consulting Services

Technology alone will not improve your operations. Add value to your technology investment by  providing staff with tools and processes that drive sales opportunities and build loyal clients.

Our value-added strategic services improve your call center operations so that you gain maximum value from your call center technology. With the guided assistance from our experts, you’ll benefit from industry best practices and optimal process improvements.

Workforce Optimization

Yes, you can run your contact center more efficiently! We audit your environment to uncover efficiencies that can improve operations, agent productivity and the customer experience, leading to a more profitable contact center.

Quality and performance management, scoring, automated customer surveys – and so much more. Optimize every step of the customer journey with the guided assistance of our workforce management division, SSA Solutions.

Customized Business Strategies and Operational Processes

Because no two companies are alike; we deliver personalized call center consulting services that meet your unique requirements.


  • CRM software evaluation and integration
  • Performance Management
  • Outbound Campaign Management


  • Integration and business process improvements
  • Quality Assurance & Workforce Planning Management
  • Operational and technical audit and assessments
  • Telecom Auditing & Expense Management
  • PCI-DSS compliance


  • Genesys module optimization
  • Microsoft Skype for Business integration, management and optimization
  • Aspect Workforce Optimization
  • Cross-Channel Communications integration, management and optimization
  • Call flow design and self-service

Custom Training for your Contact Center

Ensure proper use of your contact center software or module(s) with Quovim C3’s personalized training sessions. Our detailed training approach allows you to empower your customer service agents by enhancing their effectiveness – translating into an improved customer experience.

From personalized training sessions to organizing special training events, Quovim C3 can maximize your new technology investment.

QuoView Managed Contact Center Services

Focus on doing what you do best – Running your business

No need to hire technical support staff. Our knowledge of telephony and call center software means that we can expertly manage your contact center systems.

A full-service solution, with QuoView Managed Services, you benefit from personalized service and support 24/7.

With Quovim C3 You Get:

  • Genesys PureConnect system management
  • Telephony system management and system(s) monitoring
  • Personalized service management (point of contact, reports, meetings, …)
  • Change management and technical support
  • Our commitment to customer service excellence

Your goal is to nurture exceptional customer
experiences into long-term profitable relationships.

Our goal is to get you there!
Learn how our professional and consulting services can optimize your operations