QC3 iNFiNiTi RegReporter On-Demand Webinar

QC3 iNFiNiTi RegReporter On-Demand Webinar

Feb 24, 2020


What would you do:


If you could spend less time assembling reporting data? 

AND Could better monitor your licensing costs with accurate license reporting?

AND Know exactly how each agent has been configured to easily compare and copy?

AND Automatically document your call flow?


Invest less than 15 minutes to learn how one tool seamlessly integrated with your Genesys PureConnect solution provides advanced reporting, configuration and utility capabilities.

It’s a REPORTING TOOL that allows administrators to easily create custom reports.

It’s a PRODUCTIVITY TOOL that allows administrators easy access to data they need.

It’s a DOCUMENTATION TOOL that allows administrators the ability to accurately keep track of licenses.


Here’s your on-demand webinar and your path towards optimally managing your Genesys PureConnect solution.

Better start thinking of new ways to occupy your free time!


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