Streamline quality assurance across all customer contact channels – voice, email, chat, SMS and social media

PureConnect Interaction Quality Manager provides your organization with a single system for monitoring and improving employee performance, no matter where they work or how they interact with your customers. Simplify quality processes with innovative scoring features, powerful search capabilities, out-of-the-box reports, and the ability to easily share information. Focus your resources on high business value interactions, significantly increasing the value generated for your company.


Recordings can be leveraged for compliance and quality monitoring efforts which extends the value obtained from capturing multichannel customer interactions. Recordings can also help resolve customer disputes, supplement new employee training programs with easily distributed interaction recordings, emphasize best practices for even the most experienced users and determine where processes may need to be updated or revised for better employee and customer efficiencies.


Customer interactions can be automatically delivered for scoring to save time often spent looking for interactions to evaluate. Includes critical vs. non-critical scores. Tag and score customer interactions for calibration.

Speech Analytics

Find customer interactions based on any available information, including speech analytics and customer feedback information. Speech analytics and customer feedback results provide deep insights to ensure the best customer interactions are selected.

Automated Customer Surveys

Get flexible choices for question type, importance, question weighting, and commenting. Create wizard-driven scorecards to assess agent performance, process compliance, and customer satisfaction.

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