Automatically issue Service Appointment Reminders and never lose a sale again!

On average, businesses that depend on appointments report that 20% of their scheduled appointments
do not happen. Busy lives means that people simply forget or have other priorities.

These lost sales opportunities can hurt your organization in terms of lost revenue and wasted resources.
More importantly, they erode the client relationship that over time can significantly damage a company’s growth potential.

When your business depends on scheduled appointments, you can depend on Quovim C3

Automated Reminders

With hundreds, thousands or just a handful of service appointments to track, manually managing daily outbound service reminders is not only inefficient and expensive, it can also be impossible to properly manage day-in and day-out.

Quovim C3’s automated solution seamlessly issues reminders in the medium of your client’s preference so that you can go about managing your business.

Seamlessly Integrated Across Channels

Integrated to your contact center software application, service reminders are issued across a multitude of channels that best serve your clients. A phone call can be issued to reconfirm a scheduled appointment for a car repair. A text or email can be issued to confirm a service appointment for a home appliance. Regardless of the medium used, clients will be notified of their appointment ensuring that the appointment occurs as scheduled.

Statistical Analysis

How many appointments were cancelled, rescheduled or transferred back to the contact center? With Quovim C3’s Service Appointment Reminder software solution, this critical data is readily available to be reviewed and analyzed.

With detailed reporting on all service appointments, you can compare weekly, monthly and yearly statistics, determine areas that require improvement and outline critical success areas.

Seamless Communication across all channels is just a click away!

Find out how Quovim C3’s Packaged Solutions can transform your customer interactions.