Quickly uncover actionable insights, improve customer communications and future interactions

Mine actionable insights from your voice data to improve agent performance, client interactions and profitability

Convert voice data into easily accessible transcripts that translate into long-term growth

Email, chat, social media, instant messaging… there are so many channels to build customer relationships… and likely, many more to come. And yet, studies indicate that customers choose to speak directly to an agent where possible. 

Are you truly listening to your customers? Unlock hidden insights for improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, greater operational efficiency and better agent performance with Speech Transcription and Analytics software solutions integrated directly to your call center platform. 

Improve the AGENT and CUSTOMER experience! 

Improve operations with data-driven decisions

Make informed decisions based on actual data. Boost your call center’s performance and manage costs by reducing agent attrition, improving workforce management, increasing sales effectiveness, and optimizing agent performance and quality.

With an on-prem or cloud-based Speech Transcription and Analytics solution integrated to your contact center platform, you can:

  • Analyze transcript interactions to determine agent satisfaction and reduce turnover
  • Use keywords to search transcripts and identify call avoidance opportunities, while increasing agent productivity
  • Review calls for quality assurance, evaluate scripts and improve agent training

Understand and better respond to your customer

Take the guesswork out of the customer experience.

Understand exactly how your customer feels as they interact with your agents by reviewing and analyzing transcribed live and recorded calls into highly accurate and searchable text.

Armed with this valuable data, you can better acquire and retain customers, leverage customer feedback and improve agent training.

With the ability to quickly search your recordings using specific keywords, you gain greater insight into your customer’s views on your products, services and promotions.

Transcripts can also be integrated with business intelligence and analytics platforms to quickly react to customer feedback, reduce churn, and improve your CSAT and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Customers give you a wealth of data with each interaction. Are you listening?

Leverage customer feedback to improve agent performance, better understand client needs and grow your sales