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Genesys launches new chat features for improved customer engagement

Aug 06, 2020

A lot has changed during this worldwide pandemic. As we navigate through a new normal that includes face masks, social distancing and work from home measures, customer communication has never been more important. With call centers reporting increased volume, adding strain to an already stressful period, companies must have self-service and multi-channel solutions to address […]


Chat Before You Bot Video Interview with Quovim C3 EVP

Feb 10, 2020

  We’ve partnered with CCNG, a community for contact center and customer experience professionals, for a one-to-one video interview featuring our Co-Founder and EVP, Joe Bigio with CCNG’s David Hadobas. Contact centers can sometimes get caught up with the newest or trendiest tools, without having a clear strategy or understanding of customer needs. Listen in […]

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