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Overcoming your most common recruitment challenges: A guide for recruiters and human resource teams

Oct 14, 2020

  During this global pandemic, the HR department has had a lot to deal with. The switch to remote staffing, mental health challenges and the multitude of uncertainties added to an already stressful environment.    And then there’s the challenge of recruiting candidates in highly niched sectors that require unique qualifications for positions that impact […]


Call Center Audit, it’s a health check for your call center – no need to open up and say AH!

Oct 07, 2020

  Unless you’re an insider, most people don’t know what a call center is or does. Images of rows and rows of headset-wearing, smiling clones in far away locations disrupting your evening meal, is what the average person thinks a call center is. But really, any customer facing company with a high volume of interactions […]


In conversation with Joe and Pierre: A look towards a brighter future

Sep 16, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses around the world operate. As business owners and employees navigate the new normal, our founders Pierre Lemoine and Joe Bigio  look on the brighter side of things, finding and creating positive outcomes. In this fourth and final episode, our founders discuss the future of the industry and focus […]


In conversation with Joe and Pierre: Even during a crisis you have to find the light

Sep 04, 2020

Though it may sometimes feel like we’ve been stuck in a pandemic bubble forever, we look back at the early stages of the lockdown in our 3rd installment of our series with Quovim C3 co-founders, Pierre Lemoine and Joe Bigio. A few months into the pandemic lockdown with all staff now working remotely, our once […]


Genesys launches new chat features for improved customer engagement

Aug 06, 2020

A lot has changed during this worldwide pandemic. As we navigate through a new normal that includes face masks, social distancing and work from home measures, customer communication has never been more important. With call centers reporting increased volume, adding strain to an already stressful period, companies must have self-service and multi-channel solutions to address […]


In conversation with Joe and Pierre: Pivoting and Innovation

Jun 23, 2020

What do we have in common with Uber and Airbnb? Many of the great disruptors were born under a cloud of economic crisis or industry downturn. While some recoil in the face of a challenge, others rise up to reinvent and recreate a new model. In part one of our series, hear how co-founders Joe […]


Your Contact Center Customer Continuity Strategy Begins With QC3 Cloud

May 11, 2020

Managing remote agents, a struggle before COVID-19? Then, it must be downright impossible delivering uninterrupted customer service while social distancing. The contact center industry, like so many others, is in a forced state of transition. You’ve likely shifted from the initial triage stage where you’re just trying to survive, into a transitional phase, where you’ve […]



Mar 17, 2020

Now more than ever, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE is a key differentiator that distinguishes your services Last week, we were cautiously business as usual. Today, across North America, companies are scrambling to minimize the impact of the Coronavirus for both staff and customers. For our employees, we’ve implemented safety measures to protect their health as they continue […]


The Customer Experience is Not a Buzzword, it’s a Competitive Advantage

Dec 04, 2019

Buzz. Hype. Noise. The CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE has officially become a trendy buzzword associated with how much a company *cares* for its customers.  When something becomes so mainstream that it gets its own trendy and instantly identifiable acronym – CX, its true value can sometimes get lost. Worse yet, its importance gets diminished. Jon Picoult’s article […]