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Alain LeBrasseur’s FIVE FABULOUS YEARS with Quovim C3

Aug 21, 2020

  Alain LeBrasseur Celebrates Five Fabulous Years! A consummate professional that is celebrated by both colleagues and clients alike, Alain LeBrasseur is the guy you can turn to whenever you need guided assistance on your next project, require unique understanding of complex or challenging environments, or need an innovative approach to solve a complicated problem. […]


Work From Home Motivation and Inspiration Featuring Alain LeBrasseur

May 05, 2020

  What has social distancing and work from home looked like for you?   Over the next little while, we’ll share fun, insightful and inspiring stories from our Quovim C3 team as they attempt to balance work from home with child care, online schooling and disruptive pets – the kind that like to make guest […]


QC3 iNFiNiTi RegReporter On-Demand Webinar

Feb 24, 2020

  What would you do:   If you could spend less time assembling reporting data?  AND Could better monitor your licensing costs with accurate license reporting? AND Know exactly how each agent has been configured to easily compare and copy? AND Automatically document your call flow? ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Invest less than 15 minutes to learn how one […]

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