The WFH Movement

The WFH Movement

Nov 30, 2020

The Work-From-Home Movement Has Begun. Are you ready?



Can we all agree that this whole work-from-home situation is not going anywhere?


No longer seen as the FUTURE of the call center industry, it is the NOW of all industries. Covid-19 not only redefined the way call centers operate with work from home policies and increased employee safely protocols, it also served as a catalyst for change with automation, cloud and AI solutions taking a front seat ushering a new age of digital transformation.


Though most call center organizations had work-from-home policies, there still remained serious hesitations associated to remote work groups. Today, these same companies now see tangible benefits and are implementing tools and policies to support remote work as part of their long-term strategy.


Let’s be clear, any company not actively pursuing some level of remote work, will continue to see business disruptions that will escalate as the industry evolves without them.


Digital Transformation for Greater Customer Care



Call centers have seen a massive spike in the quantity of interactions as a result of the pandemic. No longer a matter of just maintaining customer communications, the priority has shifted to delivering quality interactions, with continuity of care, a top priority.


But how do you get there?


Once again, technology is the driving force. As a global society, we adapted to the new normal and switched the way we communicated by using Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams to not only interact with clients and colleagues, but also to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. It literally happened over night! This accelerated rate of technology adoption extends to all areas of business as call centers evaluate current systems and look to adopt solutions to ensure continued care for both the customer and their employees.


Let’s Take A Look At The Key Remote Work Technology Drivers:



Cloud or Contact Center as a Service



Many on-prem contact center solutions make it possible for agents to work remotely, but they may not be best suited for the work-from-home agent who requires additional functionality, at-home accessibility and ease of use.


A cloud-based contact center solution or Contact Center as a Service solution delivers a seamless, multichannel customer experience with advanced features and capabilities, without sacrificing core functionalities, such as quality and performance management, monitoring and analytics.


In addition to have the solution accessible at all times and from everywhere, there’s no software to update and limited hardware required to maintain. Download our Top 5 reasons to move to the cloud whitepaper to learn more.


AI Self-Service Chatbot



When implemented with a cloud-based solution, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot can help alleviate agent call volumes by providing customers with a self-service approach to answering simple questions and completing simple tasks. Most people actually prefer completing such tasks on their own, as they can do it on their time and often much faster than having to wait in an extended queue. Of course, when faced with more complex issues, the customer can turn to a live agent for a human-to-human interaction.


An AI chatbot can facilitate work-from-home by:

  • Reducing the number of live call center agent interactions
  • Eliminating long queue line frustrations
  • Providing customers with a quick and convenient solution for simple tasks
  • Encouraging proactive self-service
  • Allowing agents to focus on more complex issues


Finding Solutions that Work



Over the eight months of the pandemic, we’ve double-downed our efforts to support our clients that had to transition to work-from-home environments. Here are some of the added value solutions we developed for our Genesys PureConnect users:


QC3 iNFiNiTi Message Insertion Points (MIP)



Quickly communicate disruptions to your customers and internal staff without IT support. Simply record, enable and disable announcements anywhere in the IVR. Record live messages directly in the app or use pre-recorded messages.


  • Advise staff of remote work schedules
  • Communicate changes in service hours
  • Advise customers of service disruptions
  • Share safety measures
  • Provide service updates
  • Implement informational hotlines


If you’re using Genesys PureConnect, checkout how QC3 iNFiNiTi Message Insertion Points (MIP) can work for you.

Remote Login



During this pandemic where social distancing is encouraged, or when agents don’t have access to a computer, are on the road or working remote, you need QC3 iNFiNiTi Remote Login for PureConnect, a simplified and secure way for agents to remotely log into your system and respond to customer calls. With QC3 iNFiNiTi Remote Login, all you need is a phone! Learn more.


In our next Work-From-Home blog, we look at what it takes to keep agents happy, engaged and committed to customer success.



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