Feb 12, 2020

You’re a small contact center looking to grow your operations. You’re a large, multi-site contact center that wants to go virtual.


Hmmm… Looks like you’re prime for a cloud solution.


No need to say it, but we will, more and more call centers are moving to the cloud

Selecting a cloud solution over an on-prem solution to manage your contact center is highly dependant on your environment, needs and quite honestly, your budget. There are so many factors that impact your decision, so we created this handy dandy infographic that outlines the key benefits of a cloud solution.


Quovim C3 cloud contact center infographic


Need more reasons to go cloud? Take a quick ride over to our TOP 5 REASONS TO MOVE YOUR CONTACT CENTER TO THE CLOUD page.


  • A cloud solution is ideal for contact centers with growing or fluctuating demand. If customer demand increases, you can scale rapidly to meet demand and manage growth, delivering a real competitive advantage.

  • A comprehensive, all-in-one, cloud contact center platform will increase employee efficiency and customer satisfaction, while eliminating the need for hardware and IT support to manage the customer experience.

  • Gain advanced automation tools that evolve as your business evolves with lightning-fast deployment so you can get on with serving your customers – not installing and configuring software! Quick and super fast deployment without sacrificing omnichannel features.

  • Gain immediate results with a quick payback.

  • Cloud solutions have flexible subscription models that adapt to your budgetary needs so that you get all the necessary features and functionalities at a fixed, less costly and more manageable price.


One cloud solution, best for all? Umm… No way!

Once you’ve decided that cloud is best, your next step is to decide which solution is best. Here’s where we can help.


QC3 Cloud Contact Center Platform Developed for outsourcers, upstarts and growth minded call centers, QC3 Cloud is a complete multi-channel cloud solution that is easy to deploy and use.

Backed by Quovim C3’s legendary service commitment, QC3 Cloud is a true turnkey cloud platform that allows you to manage all interactions safely and securely. QC3 Cloud is your fast pass to the cloud, minus the sticker price shock. Learn More


Genesys PureCloud Contact Center Application Easy to deploy and use, Genesys PureCloud is an award-winning cloud application that gives you the power to grow with a flexible, scalable environment that meets evolving customer demands.

With interactive dashboards providing proactive contact center analytics and insights, you become empowered with tools and insights to develop and make the most of each employee. Learn More


Get Cloud Ready

Whether you’re looking to migrate your contact center operations towards an award-winning cloud solution, want to grow your operations in a more cost-effective fashion, or perhaps you’re not sure exactly what you need, let us guide you through the selection process.


And of course, if you’re super content with your on-prem solution, we can help you optimally mange, support and maintain your contact center platform.

Let’s connect!


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