Viviane Pellerin Celebrates Five Fabulous Years!

Viviane Pellerin Celebrates Five Fabulous Years!

Aug 26, 2020


Today, we celebrate Viviane Pellerin’s FIVE FABULOUS YEARS with Quovim C3!

Every company has that one special person that knows where everything in the office is located, knows who’s working on what project, has the pulse of the company and makes the time (even though they’re busy with their own tasks) to see how you’re doing.



Officially, she’s our President’s executive assistant (he also calls her his spiritual adviser), but let’s be honest, she’s the one person that we all turn to whenever we need anything. We don’t know how she does it, but she organically knows everything going on at Quovim C3. And that’s because she truly cares about our fledgling company and the dynamic people who call Quovim C3 family.

Viviane is the person who warmly welcomes you on your very first day, and is your lifeline when you travel abroad or are stationed at a client for a significant time. She’ll check up on you to see how you’re doing – not because she has to (it’s not in her job description), but because that’s who she is.

An indispensable member of our team, Viviane is the heart ❤️ of Quovim C3.


Thank you, Viviane!


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