Work From Home Motivation and Inspiration Featuring Alain LeBrasseur

Work From Home Motivation and Inspiration Featuring Alain LeBrasseur

May 05, 2020


What has social distancing and work from home looked like for you?


Over the next little while, we’ll share fun, insightful and inspiring stories from our Quovim C3 team as they attempt to balance work from home with child care, online schooling and disruptive pets – the kind that like to make guest appearances during video calls.


This week, we check in with our Product Manager, Alain LeBrasseur – he’s our go-to-guy for everything solution related and a work from home pro.

While social distancing with his family outside Quebec City, he’s been working on a series of product improvements for our QC3 iNFiNiTi solutions suite and getting ready to launch a new multi-channel solution that we’re very excited about. Really, we can’t wait to share it with you!


To stay mentally and physically fit, he’s been training on his indoor bike using the cycling app, Zwift. Always a multi-tasker, he often conducts internal meetings and works while virtually cycling through exotic locations, all in the safety of his home. Now that’s dedication!


What keeps him going?


He’s assembled a rockin’ Spotify playlist that he’s happily shared with us so you can train along with him. So, while he gets in shape, ready to get back to cycling in the real world, we ask you,

What keeps you motivated?



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