Make everyday, a great day 😊 with employee engagement solutions for the contact center

Boost motivation, performance and overall engagement to improve the customer journey

Enrich agent and team performance using gaming, recognition and social media concepts to influence motivation

Let’s face it, call center agents have it tough! Inbound or outbound, their work lives can become stressful and monotonous, and yet they must perform at an exceptionally high level, at each and every interaction.

Call center managers are left to find innovative solutions to prevent poor agent motivation and adherence, high absenteeism and low productivity.

With millennials, Gen Z and a whole new cultural workforce environment, employee engagement solutions are required to kickstart engagement and productivity, while boosting performance and KPIs.

A Complete Solution for Agents and Managers

Coupled with your Genesys, Aspect or other contact center solution, employee engagement platforms create a better everyday work experience for both agents and their managers.

AGENTS gain insight into their daily objectives, allowing them to self-manage, become more engaged at work, and increase their contribution to business goals. Using highly qualitative, gamified feedback, agents can self-correct and track performance. This significantly impacts productivity, profitability and satisfaction – which in turn directly impacts customer satisfaction.

MANAGERS benefit from a more engaged workforce with reduced turnover, automated reporting that alleviates time-consuming tasks and complete visibility on specific improvement areas. Overall, the correlation between agent satisfaction and supervisor satisfaction goes hand-in-hand, as managers can invest their time in more value-based activities.

Employee Engagement software solutions can:

  • Measure Employee Engagement
  • Gamify KPIs and Track Performance
  • Automate Contests and Challenges
  • Activate Agent Vs. Agent Competitions
  • Deliver an Employee Engagement ROI Calculator
  • Reward Your Agents
  • Elevate the Training Experience
  • Access In-Depth Analytics

We can help you uncover the KPIs you need to accurately measure employee performance and engagement.

Connect agent and managers using gamification to boost motivation, performance and yes, the customer journey

Uncover the KPIs you need to get started

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