Optimize Every Step of The Agent and Customer Journey

Turn-key solutions based on proven methodologies designed to meet all your contact center business needs

Boost Agent Productivity and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Improve your workforce management, quality management, performance management and speech analytics through our personalized Workforce Optimization Professional and Consulting Services that deliver higher-quality customer interactions, superior customer experiences and more engaged agents.

Basically, everything you need to successfully run your contact center operations!

Whether you want to implement or maximize use of your Genesys PureConnect Interaction Optimizer or Aspect Workforce Optimization solution, or seek to further enhance functionalities with nGUVU, an employee engagement solution, and/or a voice analytics solution from Voci, our experienced team of experts can guide you through the process.

Pick and choose the Workforce Optimization solutions you need to jumpstart your operations:

  • Strategic Planning
  • What-If Analysis
  • Long-Term Planning
  • Real-Time Management
  • Speech Analytics
  • Employee Engagement
  • Scheduling
  • Scoring Recording
  • Automated Customer Surveys

Implement and deploy a customized workforce optimization solution, made right, just for you!

Quality and Performance Management
Streamline quality assurance across all customer contact channels

Speech Analytics
Find customer interactions based on available information that includes speech analytics and customer feedback

Simplify quality processes with innovative scoring features, reporting and search capabilities

Workforce Optimization
Gain up-to-date data on agent availability, skillset and routing rules

Automated Customer Surveys
Create wizard-driven scorecards to assess agent performance, process compliance and customer satisfaction

Personalized WFO Professional and Consulting Services

Optimize every step of the customer journey and ensure that your contact center runs efficiently

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