Your Contact Center Customer Continuity Strategy Begins With QC3 Cloud

Your Contact Center Customer Continuity Strategy Begins With QC3 Cloud

May 11, 2020

Managing remote agents, a struggle before COVID-19?

Then, it must be downright impossible delivering uninterrupted customer service while social distancing.

The contact center industry, like so many others, is in a forced state of transition. You’ve likely shifted from the initial triage stage where you’re just trying to survive, into a transitional phase, where you’ve adapted to this new normal. And let’s face it, this new normal will likely be here for a long while. As we look towards a new tomorrow, that’s where TRUE transformation begins.


Introducing QC3 Cloud, a feature-rich, multi-channel, 100 percent inbound/outbound cloud contact center solution from Quovim C3 to help you manage through the current crisis, and into tomorrow.



QC3 Cloud has all the features and functionalities your contact center operations demand and remote agents require. Except, you’ll get personalized, hand-held customer support and guidance that you won’t get from big brand providers. Not only does it enable seamless work from home for agents, but also for managers and supervisors. With multiple interaction points, such as voice, email, chat and social media, your customers can select how they prefer to connect with you.

QC3 Cloud is intuitive and easy-to-use with real-time dashboard, quality management and advanced reporting tools that provide detailed insight into campaign and agent performance.


Tune-in to our ON-DEMAND WEBINAR to discover why you need a feature rich, multi-channel, inbound/outbound contact center solution – MADE IN THE CLOUD – that gives you the flexibility and agility to proactively respond to customer interactions. Learn how QC3 Cloud is your first step towards building a customer continuity strategy to manage the current crisis and grow tomorrow.



Keep customer communication flowing with QC3 Cloud. Contact us today!


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